Karwaan Community

A Journey To The Roots

Each nostalgic tale narrates a timeless tradition.
Weaving through moments of fond recollection.
It’s time to rise & bring in perfection
For this journey that’s back to our roots!

A Journey Of Togetherness

Lao Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This is the inspiration behind Karwaan. We are embarking on a journey to help Indian artisans, hone their art, preserve age-old traditions and stay true to their roots. Due to the advancement of technology and westernisation, the voices and the craft of these artists are fading.Thus, making them scarce and obsolete. Although, what if there was a way to nurture their kalaa?


Karwaan is on a mission to bring all the people in this community together. We want to collaborate, leverage the strengths and nurture the artisans through resources. Thereby, supporting and creating a conducive business environment to preserve our culture and artforms.

Plan Your Karwaan

We believe in the power of co-creating and building value for every member of our community. Artisanal businesses stem from the exceptional craftsmanship thereby creating sustainable employment opportunities for the artisan.


We work closely with artisanal businesses to increase the market readiness of the cluster.

Cluster Assessment

A cluster is assessed on the parameters of infrastructure, the skill of the artisans and the market readiness of the cluster group.

Cluster Training

After the infrastructural requirements are met, the artisans are trained to increase their quality of work in accordance with the artisanal business.

Cluster Linkage

After the cluster is ready to fulfil the orders from the businesses, a cluster manager will be appointed as the point of contact for all future activities.

The Karwaan Community​

Karwaan is the place for all those who dream of changing the world one design at a time. We embody empowerment, sustainability, building an identity, and mindfulness.

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Financial Scheme

Finance is the lifeline of a budding business, the absence of which leads to a slower growth rate. To avoid this, Karwaan helps in solving specific concerns by offering specially curated schemes for various artisanal businesses in India.

Purchase Order Financing

Our P.O financing is designed to meet the working capital cost of the inventory. This finance option can be availed in advance to cover the raw material costs and salaries of artisans during the time of production.




Financial Schemes

Meet the Team

Iteesha Agrawal, a graduate of Fashion Communication from NIFT, Hyderabad, became keenly aware of plight of artisans during her time in the institute. Her realization of their exploitations and hardships moved her immensely during the COVID 19 pandemic. In 2020, Iteesha decided to quit her lucrative job to aid artisans to lead them to economic stability without having to compromise on their legacy. Her design background made her acutely aware of the importance of collaboration between designers and artisans to create a conducive and symbiotic business. This is precisely the motivating factor behind Karwaan.

Iteesha Agrawal

A fashion communication graduate from NIFT, Muskaan Agarwal has a keen interest in Indian crafts and the experiences of talented but unacknowledged artisans. Her stint in the fashion industry, working with design houses, brands as well as individual designers made her intrigued by field work and meeting people from all walks of life led her to the gifted craftspeople of Karwaan. The eclectic crafts of India are the legacy of our heritage and deserve exposure in the world of factory-made fashion. Re-awakening this tasteful choice in Indian consumers is her aim.

Muskaan Agarwal

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