Karwaan Community

A journey to the roots

Each nostalgic tale narrating a timeless tradition.
Weaving through moments of fond recollection.
It’s time to rise & bring in perfection
For this journey that’s back to our roots!

A journey of togetherness

Karwaan is on a journey of togetherness, on a mission to create the biggest community of artisans, designer brands and artisanal business in India and in the interim a conducive business environment in the Indian artisanal sector.

Our vision is to encourage the cultural heritage, the individuality of people and place and create life changing income opportunities for the artisans.

The Karwaan Community

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Brand Collaborations

Startup Jalsa Empower

We started our journey of empowerment back in 2020 Being a startup platform, Startup Jalsa has been on a mission to inspire and invest in entrepreneurial talent and empower was one such initiative which aims at extending a helping hand to the rural women led Self Help Groups by proving them funding of INR 1,00,00

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Let’s Co-Create

We focus on creating value for every member in our community. By businesses leveraging on the craftsmanship of artisans they create employment opportunities for the artisans.


1 Onboarding

We partner with artisanal businesses and plan an intervention to increase the market readiness of the cluster


2 Cluster Assessment

The cluster is assessed on the parameters of infrastructure, skills of the artisans and the market readiness of the cluster group. This enables us to plan the intervention in an effective fashion.


3 Cluster Training

Post the infrastructural requirements are met, the artisans are trained to increase their quality of work in accordance with the artisanal business.


4 Cluster Linkage

Post the cluster is ready to fulfil the orders from the business.An appointed cluster manager will be the point of contact for all the activities thereafter.

Financial Schemes

Finance is the lifeline of a budding business. Absence of finance leads to a slower growth. Karwaan helps in solving these concerns by offering especially curated schemes for artisanal businesses in India.


1 Equity Funding

We invest in artisanal businesses wherein in exchange for shares in the company the brand receives money it needs.


Purchase Order Financing

Our P.O financing is designed to meet the working capital cost of the inventory. This finance option can be availed as advance to cover the raw material costs and salaries of artisans during the time of production.




About Karwaan

Karwaan – derived from the word caravan- literally translates to company of merchants travelling together for safety.When attached to our organisation, it becomes a journey of artisans and designers embarking on a journey to unleash the potential of the artisans of India.

Karwaan is the journey of Indian artisans, designers & brands who strongly believe in the power of togetherness, of their art, of preserving age-old culture & of staying true to one’s roots. With advancement of technology & Westernisation, the voices and craft of these artists are fading, thus making them scarce and a relic. What if there was a way to nurture this kalaa?

Karwaan is journey of all of us who dream to change the world, one design at a time. To sum it up, we are all about empowerment, sustainability, self-sufficiency, building an identity, mindfulness, and individualism.

Co-Create with us

Let’s utilise the most unexplored resources of our country and allow us to add a statement to your brand. To make a difference, get in touch with us today.

Partnerships & Collaborations

The Karwaan Community is happy to partner with any individual or organization that are actively involved in work that supports the Indian artisan sector in any way. If you wish to be a part of our journey.

Ping us at iteesha@karwaan.community
Call or WhatsApp us on +91- 8106865897

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